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With a SPOTLIGHT account, get access to demographic reports for any ZIP Code you select or trade area you create.

Choose from several Pop-Facts® Demographic reports containing key demographic variables such as age, race, ethnicity, household size, population income and occupation. Below are our most popular reports starting at just $89.

Pop-Facts® Demographic Household Quick Facts

A concise summary of key household demographics, including current-year estimates for household income, race, household type, household size and presence of children. A trade area map is included.


Pop-Facts® Senior Life Demographics

This robust summary of the 45+ population will help understand the makeup of the senior community in your trade area. It includes census, current-year and five-year estimates for population, race, income, housing values and more. A trade area map is included.


Pop-Facts® Demographic Population Quick Facts

A concise summary of key population demographics, including current-year estimates for age, race, ethnicity and sex. A trade area map is included.


Pop-Facts® Demographic Executive Report

A robust report utilizing descriptive graphics, tables and charts to help you understand the core demographics in your trade area, including population, race, household size, income, occupation and more. A trade area map is included.


Pop-Facts® Demographic Snapshot

Better understand your trade area residents through a comprehensive review of the core demographics in your trade area. Includes current-year estimates for population, race, housing, affluence, education, occupation and more. A trade area map is included.


Pop-Facts® Demographic Quick Facts

This concise summary of important demographics, including current-year estimates for race, housing, tenure, household income ranges and median income by race will give you a general overview of your trade area makeup. A trade area map is included.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which reports are right for me? keyboard_arrow_down

SPOTLIGHT allows you to run reports on a specific location or trade area. If you want to know more about the composition of those who live in a neighborhood, choose demographic and segmentation reports. If you want to forecast demand or estimate a growth opportunity, explore SPOTLIGHT’s Retail Market Power® Reports and Consumer Buying Power™ Reports. Alternatively, if you need to understand competitive activity or traffic patterns in an area, select the business and location reports. See reports

Do you offer annual subscriptions? keyboard_arrow_down

SPOTLIGHT offers two subscription plans to support your information needs. The Standard Subscription, our most popular plan, provides access to our commonly used reports and unlimited report usage. The Advanced Subscription offers everything in the Standard Subscription PLUS it gives you data for sub-geographies within your trade area. This is important so that you can identify neighborhoods that fit your customer criteria and maximize your opportunities. See plans

Are there discounts available for multi-year subscriptions? keyboard_arrow_down

Yes, multi-year discounts are available. Please call the SPOTLIGHT account team at 1.844.871.1389 to discuss licensing options.

Which payment options do you accept? keyboard_arrow_down

All prices are in USD. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Can I try SPOTLIGHT for free? keyboard_arrow_down

SPOTLIGHT is a commercial platform for businesses. There is no charge to create an account and there are no hidden fees or maintenance charges. You only pay for the reports you choose - priced from $89 - $179. See reports

Are SPOTLIGHT reports available outside of the US? keyboard_arrow_down

All SPOTLIGHT reports are priced in US dollars and based on US data sources. If you are a Canadian customer, please call 1.844.871.1389 to speak with one of our team members about setting up your account to access Canadian data.

Do you have support materials to help me get started? keyboard_arrow_down

We have documentation and videos to help you get started and answer questions. Visit our community site to watch videos on "How To Use" the SPOTLIGHT platform and read documentation on "Getting Started".

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